Sunday, February 14, 2016

QDDL or Quick Drop Digital Layouts

Good morning everyone

Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

Following on from Jac's and Lisa's great tutorials on QDDL's I thought I would chime in with a quick tutorial also.

First I open up a 12 x 12 300 ppi file on a transparent background.

Next open up the kit components.  In this case I am using my Bridge and the Feb 2016 kit, Crewel and Unusual.

At this point I usually bring over a couple of background papers and create a "hole"in them so that we can slot a photo in behind the hole.

Here you can see 2 backgrounds and an overlay.  You will probably be thinking where is the photo at this point.  What I did is choose the purple background and place the overlay on top; invert the overlay and pillow emboss it onto the background and merge those two layers.

Now I am going to bring in the photo.  This is a picture of my estranged daughter and her husband.

The photo is now placed into the layout and englarged.  I have selected the area behind the photo using the rectangular marquee tool.

You should be able to see the marching ants.  At this point go to edit>cut and you should see the hole cut into the background paper in the layers panel.

I have also made a photo mat and given the several layers some styles.  Now you can go ahead the build the rest of the layout.

Here is the QDDL.

I hope you have enjoyed this very quick tutorial.


  1. You explained that very well, Annette! I knew that was your daughter at first glance. You are both very beautiful!