Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Club Scrap Blog Hop January 2014 - Grafitti

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope that you are all enjoying 2014 so far and that you are all being extra creative.  The question is what do I produce for you with such a spectacular and edgy kit.  Thinking cap is on ....

OK who wants to make their own glitter?

First open up your photoshop program and make a new blank document (transparent background) 300 ppi.

I made mine 12" x 12" in RGB color mode.  Then pick up the custom shape tool and create a heart.  Any of the shapes will work as will any font.  Change the color to one you like.  In my case since Valentine's Day is coming up I opted for a bright pink!

You will then need to duplicate the heart twice.

Rename the layers - bottom layer heart, middle layer overlay, top layer screen.  Then you have to change the layer mode of each layer to match their name.

Now you are ready to "glitterise"!  With the heart layer active go to the filter menu and choose noise>add noise.

Repeat for the other two layers changing the amount to 40 and distribution to gaussian for the overlay layer and the screen layer.  The add noise dialog box will come up each time you want to change the filter.

Duplicate the overlay layer and drag it to the top of the layer palette.  Then go to filter>render>difference clouds.

To add a little more interest you can now set layer styles. Select the heart layer and add a drop shadow to your taste.  Double click the fx button that has appeared in the heart layer and you can now modify your layer styles to your hearts content.

Now all you need to do is merge your layers.  What you end up with is a softly glittered heart.

Shall we use the heart now?

Voila!!  Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

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