Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Club Scrap Blog Hop April 2014 - Hydrangeas

So it is that time of the month again!  I have to say that I am not totally enamoured of the Hydrangeas kit but here is a little something that I made.

Starting off with a template - this one from Bookshelves.  I absolutely love this template and you can see it has several layers.

Bring in the background paper and the photo!  The photo here is the latest one of Ariauna enjoying Simba.  I have done a little filtering on the photo so you can see the whole of Ariauna's face.  You will see that I have added the photo above the photo mask.  Now I have to resize.

Resizing is easy peasy.  Click on the object to be resized and go to edit>transform>scale.  Once there you will find that your photo or object has some "handles".  To resize keeping the same aspect ratio, grab one of the corner handles and hit the shift key at the same time.  Then just drag.  Once you have the desired size let go of the handle and the shift key.  Then all you need to do is go to Layer>create clipping mask and you have your photo attached to the mask.

Here I decided that I did not like the border element in the template so I just turned it off by clicking the eyeball of that layer.

Also you can see that I have added a paper from Hydrangea.

Now I am collecting goodies.  I just love this embellishment cluster that came with the kit and I also love the wording on it.

Now I do not like the wax seal part of the template or the tag so I am just going to turn those off too.

Now for a little magic.  I have some tremendous brushes which I do not think I use enough so I loaded a couple in and used them as erasers to make a little edge contrast on the background paper.

And here is the final layout.  Enjoy.