Monday, May 19, 2014

Club Scrap Blog Hop May 2014 - Dungarees

Hello everyone

I finally got to download, unzip and install this very versatile collection today (8th May) - Yes I am very far behind but I really wanted to make sure I got my blog post of May done in a timely manner.  Reason is it always takes me forever to come up with a good idea.

Anyway here goes.  I think that one of the most underrated tools in photoshop is the stroke tool.

First off find and image and open it up in photoshop.  Since we are working with the Dungarees kit I chose an image which I felt would be complimented by the color palette in this kit.  This one is the base of Ayres Rock in Australia.

I will assume that you have an image open with the Background layer only.  Since we are going to create two layers for the final effect and we need transparency requirement is to have regular layer.  The reason is that the Canvas Size dialog will expand the canvas to transparency when the image does not have a background layer.  Click once on the padlock icon in the background layer in photoshop cc or double click it in earlier versions to unlock the layer.

The next step is to go the Image>Canvas size.  A new dialog box will appear:

Check the relative option in this box and type in the same number for width and height.

In the above shot you can see a border around the photo.  I selected 40 pixes for width and height.  You will now need to create a new layer beneath the layer you are using.  The way I do this is to just click the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers palette and drag it below the photo layer.

Fill your blank layer with white using the paint bucket tool with the color selection (eye dropper) tool.

What you should now have is a photo on top of a layer with a white fill.  Now go to Layer>layer style>stroke

You will see that I have set the stroke size to 2 and the position to inside.  Color should be set to black.

Once you have those settings click OK.

Now you are going to expand the canvas size again.  Go to Image>canvas size and I am using 160 pixels for width and height.  Hit OK.

You should have something that looks like this:

Add another layer at the bottom of the composition.  Fill your new bottom layer with white and you can now add your stroke effect to the bottom layer as well.

Hit OK .  Then all you need to do is merge visible layers and you will end up with a very elegant double bordered photo which you can use in a layout.

Here is my finished layout!!!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the blog hop.  Your next stop is: