Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CS Blog Hop June 2016 - Boardwalk

Every time I hear or see the word Boardwalk, I think of Bruce Willis and his wonderful rendition of Under the Boardwalk.  So today, I am digging around in my archive photos for a special photo to use for my layout this month.

Here is the photo I am going to use.

As usual, open up a new file, 12" x 12" on a transparent background at 300 ppi.

Now open up everything Boardwalk.  I do this in my Adobe Bridge which is a great filing system for all my digital kits, goodies and components.

As you can see, we get lots of fun things to play with.  I have already started building my layout using my "Under the Boardwalk" photo.

I hope you agree that this photo really lends itself well to the colors of this kit.  As yet I have not added or applied any layer styles or other goodies to my page under construction.

Here is the next stopping point.  I have used brushes created from the overlay extras and erased some of the frame work and background papers and then "painted" using varying sizes of the same brush at different opacities and different sizes to create the idea of the beach overflowing from the photo.

Also added the cute side by side deckchairs and umbrellas and a stamp made from the stamp sheet. You will still note that the only thing that has a layer style so far is the deckchairs graphic.  Now I have gone ahead and added layer styles to all the layers apart from the side by side deck chairs.  Outer glow is what I used but at  lower opacity than 100% and not too big either.

I did add a couple of layers of brush work and added some texture and here is the finished product.  I hope you all like what has happened here.

Happy July everyone and enjoy fireworks day!


  1. A perfect photo for this kit!!

  2. What a great shot. Love the perspective. TFS!

    1. Bless your heart Karen - thank you very much.

  3. Hi Annette! Gorgeous photo of the bottom of the pier! Love your digital page demonstrations! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Donna - you have a great day too!

  4. Great digi work Annette. What a great photo!